73 Year Old Man Makes All Necessary Preparations For His Death and Burial While Still Alive

 Photo credit: BBC

 Photo credit: BBC

It’s not everyday one comes across news of people making preparations for their death in order to ease tension or certain pressures on their loved ones which may arise after their demise, such as the purchase of a coffin or financial preparation when the occasion eventually presents itself.

Chief Clement Usoro, 73, has taken steps in making preparations for his burial even though he is still very much alive. He has built his own grave of 9 by 9 feet with a huge monument of himself beside it.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, he explained that he made the necessary preparations for his death when he clocked 70 three years ago adding that he has written his will and will keep updating it to “keep up with time”.

Chief Usoro further disclosed that he has paid all necessary rites and dues to his co-chiefs by giving “cow” in order not to mount unnecessary pressure on his children after his demise stressing that he would not want his family to do a party when he is gone as he considers it a waste of time and resources. 

He also stated that he has asked his children to bury him three days after his death.

“I have written my will and will continuously update it to keep up with time. I have built my grave. It is a 9 by 9 feet deep grave. I have also built a mausoleum around it,” Usoro said.

“My friend went with me to the coffin site to see the one that I liked. He decided to buy it for me”. 

“As somebody who is a chief, there are things you have to do before you die or they do after you die” he added


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