a Lagos auto dealer, is kept in custody after his wife Bimbo died.

Ikechukwu Daryl Ogbonna, also known as IVD, an auto dealer, was ordered to remain in custody following the death of his wife, Abimbola Martins-Ogbonna, by an Ebute Meta Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Tuesday, January 31.
Following advice from the Lagos State Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), who had indicted Ogbonna for involuntary manslaughter, Magistrate Adebayo Kafayat Tella issued the directive.

Mrs. Tella stated that the defendant should be brought before the Lagos High Court after reading out the DPP Advice.

She ordered Ogbonna to remain in detention until an information was filed against him and his arraignment.

However, based on the earlier bail restrictions that were given to the prisoner, defense attorney Mr. Abubakar Yesufu requested that the court release him.

However, Magistrate Tella ruled that she lacked the authority to hear an involuntary manslaughter case.


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