Actor Zubby Micheal Says He Is The Richest Actor, Does Not Pay Tithe and Ready to Start a Relationship

Nollywood actor Zubby Michael in a recent interview with Broadway TV has disclosed that he is single and is scared of women but wouldn’t mind giving love a chance, saying anyone that loves him can come now.

Read excerpts from the interview below;

Do you think you are the richest actor?

Yes for now I’m the richest actor because if you watch the money I have collected… I’m not saying this so any one would clap for me, but the last time I checked my book I realized that I have made a hundred and two million from acting not like in all my career but of recent. There is a place where I write down all the films and money I was paid because I remove ten percent of it and share to people. I don’t go to church I don’t pay tithe I don’t believe in those things, I share it to people.

The last time I checked, it was a hundred and two million, so I had to share ten point two million. If you see me throwing money shut up, you don’t know what I’m doing, I am paying my tithe the other way.

How often do women disturb you?

Women love me so much, they would say ” this stubborn man” Everyone wants to see my stubborn energy in bed. You know when you are crazy everyone would want to see your other side. I am avoiding them. Women love me and I love them, my beautiful fans.

Are you in any romantic relationship?

No, I’m scared of women but now I want to give it a chance. Since I have been working hard. They can destroy you, had it been I had a girlfriend i might not have reached here because if they disturb me mentally it would affect my work. I put all my mind in a film if we have problem I might be thinking about it on set and it would affect me.

As a young man, not that women are bad. They are beautiful but there is time for everything, conquer the first stage of life. I have my house, you know they love money, now I can say okay let’s see how it goes. There is time for everything, it’s now I want to love so if you love me you can come now”

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