Adamu Garba Reacts to Allegations of Federal Government Funding His Crowwe App

Former Presidential aspirant and CEO IPI Solutions Nigeria,, Adamu Garba has reacted to allegations of the Federal Government funding his Crowwe App. 

Some news platforms had alleged that “federal government has for two years been funding IPI Solutions, a software engineering firm owned by Adamu Garba to produce Crowwe, a platform, that would help the government silence existing social media platforms in the country.”

The news platforms which claimed that the “app was largely unusable pushing Buhari, his administration officials and supporters to move to Indian platform Koo following their exit from Twitter earlier this month”, also alleged that they have bank documents to support the claim. 

However, reacting to this, Adamu shared a Facebook post in which he called for a “party” to shame the “fake news merchants”, insisting that he has no hard feelings and will never give up on Nigeria”

He wrote; 

“They claimed I’ve cashed out right? Let’s have a party to shame the fake news merchants. We will never give up on our country. So, no hard feelings.

I’m old school so I present to you a proud Almajiri Dancer who loves his country, his people, his Crowwe and his cows! Enjoy our legacy Plantashun Boiz…..”


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