#AishaTheHypocrite; Nigerian Twitter Berate Aisha Yesufu

One of the #Bring Back Our Girls campaigner and strong critic of the Muhammadu Buhari led administration, Mrs Aisha Yesufu has been called out on Twitter by social media users and tagged a hypocrite after allegations surfaced online that her husband stole money from the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) then fled Nigeria for Scotland, among other things.

Aisha was equally accused of sending her children to study abroad but pretending to completely understand the plights of the Nigerian student.

In a similar tweet, Hayden Jones narrated how her husband fled abroad when EFCC was looking for him, “Her husband fled Nigeria to Scotland when @officialEFCC was going to arrest him. And she is talking corruption? #AishaTheHypocrite has no shame, if they born her husband well, he should come home.

A twitter user, Olaoye said she is being paid to slander the Vice president, “The hypocrisy of Aisha Yesufu is not hidden at all, when she was in her right senses she saw the good Osinbajo was doing now that someone is paying her she is saying another thing”.

Another user, Mz Temmy called her out for her double standard display. “Aisha is a hypocrite, sometimes back she praised the VP and said Buhari should remain in London because Osinbajo is doing well now you want to come and badmouth the VP again, that won’t work”.

In another similar tweet, Mustaphaolatu19 expressed sadness towards her hypocritical character and recommends an immediate medical help for her mental instability, “Aisha Yesufu is a two facet double standard human being. She’s a plague we need to cast out, a threat to human sanity. She needs mental support; she’s very unstable and a threat to her immediate family. A GoFundMe should be raised for her”.

Bantaqueen cautions her about her nonstop slander against the Vice President which she refers to as boring, “Dear Aisha Yesufu, stop being a hypocrite! You talk from both sides of your mouth. Your constant negativity about the Vice President is getting boring. Please mention one Nigerian VP that has done half of what Osinbajo has done! I’ll wait”.

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