#BBNaija: Angel Says That Whitemoney’s Kind Deeds and Acts All Seem Strategic and Not Real

Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Angel Smith has opined that Whitemoney may actually be faking his acts in the house and his kind deeds and gestures towards other housemates may all be part of his strategy.

Angel expressed her thoughts while speaking to Pere in the white room following their fake eviction from the Big Brother house last night, where she added that Whitemoney’s perfect acts don’t seem to be what any human can do except God.

Recall that Whitemoney has made it to the final week after voters went out en-masse to vote for him.

In her words,

“Something about WhiteMoney just flipped. It’s like I could see clearer and I’m not saying he is a bad person but there’s something off and awkward about him.

“Like I told Queen when she was saying WhiteMoney is a trustworthy guy, me I don’t think so because I feel
he pretends and he isn’t straightforward.

“My Intuitions are never wrong and lately we have been clashing. We even clashed in the garden on Sunday morning. I like when people are straightforward and he’s not; that’s why he is always deflecting.

“Even when you guys had that altercation and I told him he ought to put you in your place and he’s like no he understands Pere.

“I was like how can someone treat you like that and you’re saying you understand him, are you God? Like when did human beings become so good like that. I just feel he’s fake”.

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