#BBNaija Reunion: Ghen!! Ghen!!! Kaisha Opens Can of Worms, Reveals Neo Was Into Her

As days roll by, more secrets are being revealed in the Big Brother Naija Reunion show, things fans never knew or even get to see while the show was aired last year.

On last night’s episode, Kaisha revealed that Neo made several moves at her in the house including a time he asked her to kiss him and a tie he kissed her forehead. She admitted that she initially liked Neo even though he was with Vee at the time but didn’t do anything to separate them. 

She mentioned various occasions in which Neo expressed his interest towards her including when he told her he loved how she stares at him and the feeling it always gave him.

Kaisha said Neo gave her signs on different occasions in the house that he liked her and even opened up to her that he was only with Vee because she had approached him first and insisted that she wouldn’t make such things up.

Praise also corroborated Kaisha’s claims and said there was indeed a likeness between them. He recalled telling Neo to stop such actions towards Kaisha if his intentions were not pure as it would only lead her to a dead end.

Neo vehemently denied making any moves at her as he even asked her what led to those conversations they had. 

. He did admit that she was attracted to him but he was more into Vee.

Kaisha said she hates people who are liars and try to play two ladies at the same time. 

According to her, she had lost her likeness for Neo and also warned Vee to beware of her man. 

Vee, who requested permission to speak, said she didn’t notice the interest between her fellow housemate and her boyfriend but it wasn’t that deep to her if Kaisha really liked Neo. 

The Kiddwaya and Nengi situationship

Between Kiddwaya and Nengi, all that happened in the house was their way of expressing friendship albeit alcohol made things a little murky like the bathroom corridor clip.

The infamous video of Nengi and Kiddwaya whispering by the bathroom with her zipper down raised eyebrows, especially Ozo’s. When asked what he thought about the moment, he admitted he felt confused but chose to believe his crush. Neither Nengi nor Kiddwaya could remember much of what was whispered or how they got there.

Eric and Lilo discuss short lived romance

The former lovebirds were the first to really hit our awww buttons on the show. It turns out the romance ended shortly after their eviction no thanks to a comment Lilo made accusing Eric of ‘taking advantage of her’.

Eric also revealed that he tried to reach out to her after his eviction but it was futile.

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