#BBNaija Reunion: Tochi Fires More ‘Shots’ at Ka3na, Lucy and Dorathy

As the BBNaija reunion show continues, fans are thrilled by unexpected turns of events in the house on a daily basis. 

The highlight of the latest episode had to do with one of the male housemates, Tochi, defending himself against Dorathy, Ka3na and Lucy after a video was played where the ladies were complaining about male housemate Tochi and how he hardly does any chore in the house but followed others around the house. 

Dorathy also added that he usually waited to be greeted first or would rather stay mute. All these led to exchange of words between Ka3na and Tochi. 

The self-acclaimed boss lady claimed that she and fellow housemates never had issues about food during their stay in the house but Tochi disagreed, stating that they never gave him food but kept extra portions for those who had already eaten because they were their friends. 

He also added that Ka3na made him feel like he was coming from a place where he didn’t have food to eat and it was what made him dislike her. 

Ka3na eventually had to remind Tochi that she was the boss lady and the young man told her to take her ‘bus’ to Ikorodu because she could not boss him around. 

Tochi also commented on Dorathy claiming he did not like to greet others. 

Lucy on the other hand claimed Tochi used to move from place to place in the house and he responded by asking if he was on the show to sit and look or to be a statue. 

This generated a lot of reactions from viewers as many hailed Tochi for being man enough to stand up to the ladies, while some wished that Tochi had brought this ‘savage’ part of him during the show as that was the content they all signed up for.


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