Broda Shaggi vs Mr. Marcaroni; Who is better comedian

Broda Shaggi:

He started out his comedy skits with an interviewer concept where he responds to interview questions like a typical Nigerian thug, tout, or agbero.

While still maintaining the fine boy Agbero brand identity in his comedy skits, Broda Shaggi has grown into making proper short comedy-drama series on social media.

He has a good number of comedy concepts such as; “The Useless & Fake Police Officer series“, “The Dramatic Driving School Teacher” and “The Regular Street Agbero” concepts.

Each of these concepts of his comedy skits is always interesting whenever he drops them.


Mr. Marcaroni


He is a talented young man whose role of a “married man whose love for young girls with big nyansh always get him in serious trouble” in Comedy Skits has earned him huge popularity and followers.

Mr. Marcaroni also has a comedy series where he plays a role of “a father whose daughter is always unlucky with men whenever she brings them home” to meet her dad.

Motunde never brings good husband home 😂. No doubt, his comedy skits are always fun to watch on social media.

Among these two, WHO IS BETTER?

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