Comedian Akpororo Angry Over A Pastor That Said That An Angel Needs To Be Bribed Before Working

Popular Nigerian Comedian Akpororo said that some pastors need to be trained properly before they open a church because they bring bad names to genuine men of God.

This statement resulted from a video he watched where a pastor said that one needs to bribe his angel so that the grace he has will work on people.
in his post on social media Akpororo said:

“I just watched a video where i saw a pastor saying that you need to bribe my angel so that the grace he is carrying will work on people.

“With all due respect Sir, I don’t know who you are, its your kind that makes people insult men of God anyhow, where is it in the bible that angels should be bribed before they work?, do angels take bribe to work?.

“What kind of grace do you carry that will make people to bribe you?, is your grace bigger than my own grace? all these churches are supposed to be checked”.

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