Daddy Freeze Argues That Separation, Divorce is Scriptural

Controversial media personality Daddy Freeze has once again weighed in on the issue of love, separation and divorce in marriages, insisting that it is scriptural especially as regards abusive ones.

He explained this after popular relationship televangelist Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo took to social media to say that the bible never asked anyone to marry who they love but to love who they marry.

Freeze opined that such reasoning is subjective and it is scriptural to seek for divorce especially from an abusive partner.

See his post below;

“This, although vague and prone to misinterpretation, makes sense and what he is saying is scriptural.

It is however especially pertinent, to note that scripture is prone to rendering in individual cultural contexts. Therefore, I consider it crucial, to let people know that sometimes love is impossible and divorce should be encouraged, as It is perfectly scriptural to divorce; if there is immorality.

This is also quite subjective, as the emphasis on love leading to marriage is also, in my understanding, belittled.

Let’s be careful with the kind of advice that we give because many are stuck in bad marriages.
In whatever scriptural or traditional context we pass a message, let it ring out loud and clear, that It’s not ok to take emotional or physical abuse, because you want to ‘love’ a spouse who is maltreating you.

Love them and forgive them while you divorce them.”

Going further, he added “Along these lines, it is wrong to say that separation isn’t permitted in the Bible,”

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