Daddy Freeze Clears Air, Says He’s Disappointed in Hushpuppi and Dares FBI to Investigate Him Too

As allegations emerge about the involvement of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, with international online fraudster Ramon Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi, controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has condemned those questioning his association with Ramon.

According to Daddy Freeze, he once met Hushpuppi in Dubai but is disappointed that anyone could imagine him as an accomplice of the cybercriminal as he affirms that the FBI is free to investigate him.

“You guys need to get away from this mentality that anybody who gets to hang out with anybody must be collecting money from that person. I will not lie I am disappointed in Hush and if I see him I will tell him. Because you fed the rumours, tomorrow if somebody is buying a Ferrari then the person must be a thief,” he said in part.

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