Feminism Doesn’t Portray Our African Culture And It’s the Main Cause of Domestic Violence, Says Pete Edochie

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has decried the high rate of domestic violence and broken homes in the society today as he categorically stated feminism as the greater cause of it. 

Speaking to BBC Igbo, he noted that feminism doesn’t portray the African culture and in most cases can lead to domestic abuse or violence.

He further lamented on the inability of modern day women to carry out domestic chores despite their level of education, as he compared them to his own mother who never got a formal education but was industrious, a great cook who made dishes, explored diverse ways to please her husband, his father, and was submissive too.

In his words; “Any woman who cannot cook cannot call herself a woman, no”.

“This thing called feminism, that’s what leads to women getting beaten in marriages. When you talk to a woman, she will respond to you. When she responds to you, you won’t be able to bear it so you’ll stretch out your hand and beat her up.”

Speaking on how he has encountered several women especially in the work environment as he has worked with some as their boss, he stressed that woman’s understanding is limited, while most of them expect to be worshiped like their female counterparts in the Western world.

 He said: “This thing called feminism has no usefulness. We don’t worship women in our culture. White people worship women. If you notice in the western countries, three or four women could arise and say a man touched them inappropriately at work and the man will resign for that reason. Such a thing can’t happen in our land. Rather, in our culture, if as a woman, no man tells you how good looking you are, you’ll stay in a place, crying, and asking yourself if you’re not good enough to look at. This is how our culture is.”

 “Any man who kneels in front of the woman he wants to marry, what that means is that he has taken the headship of his family and handed it over to the woman, that’s what it means.”  


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