How I Became Successful- Obi Cubana Discloses His Secret

Obinna Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi Cubana has revealed the secret to his success. He said that head-work is the foundation of his success.

Obi made the disclosure In an interview with BBC pidgin on Tuesday July 20th, where he said that neither miracles from pastors or blessings from native doctors can give money. In his words of advice Obi said:

“Miracle doesn’t give money because pastors need the money more, Native doctor cannot give you money because his children fetch water from the stream. If he doesn’t have, can he give you money? work hard, work hard, don’t cheat and find what you can do, believe in it and you will succeed.”

He stated that the reason his mother’s burial was like a carnival is that, while she was alive they promised her that when she clocks 80, they were going to give her a birthday carnival that has never been done in anywhere in the world.

As she died before her 80th birthday they had to channel all the birthday plans to her burial. That’s why it became the talk of town.

Cubana also stated that after graduating from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 1998, with a degree in political science and finished his NYSC, he searched for jobs but didn’t get anyone, he said:

“When i finished NYSC, I searched for jobs very well to the extent my shoes bent but i didn’t get. I had to join hands with my brothers to sell food on the roadside from there, we opened a beer parlour in garden before they demolished our place.

“After they demolished the place, we thought that all hope was lost before we opened Ibiza, it’s Ibiza that gave birth to Cubana. Is not everything we put together today that worked then, some didn’t work and we lost some money.”

He stated that he was able to make his first N1million in Abuja after his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme. Obi said that the money was earned from profits he got when he served as a real estate agent. According to him, he did a job for a man who paid him well.

Obi said:

“As we were doing the small contracts we were getting, i met a client that asked me to furnish his house. When we finished the work, the client dashed me 500, 000 naira separately from my profit that is 600, 000 naira and that made it 1.1 million naira.

“I did a contract job for PPMC which i realized a certain amount of money which I used to buy a Mercedes V-boot and also invested it in our Garden business before we opened Cubana.”

He also advised everyone to work hard, don’t cheat, keep your hands clean, do not engage in illegal things to make money. Find what you can do and believe in it, pray to God and you will make it.


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