Identity of The Man Who Slapped The French President Finally Revealed

The man who slapped French president Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday June 8, has been identified as Damien Tarel and he could face up to three years in jail for assault.

The French president was on tour in his country and while greeting citizens who hailed him as well as exchanging handshakes with them, the angry Damien gave him a slap at the slightest opportunity. 

According to Explica, Tarel, whose family and friends described as warm and someone who does not have a violent temperament, could face a jail term of up to three years and a 45,000 euros (N22,532,398.96) fine. 

As he was picked for questioning, the detectives discovered Tarel is a 28-year old martial art enthusiast who founded and runs two associations in his hometown. 

He ran a local martial arts club that also offers other traditional European swordsmanship and manages a board game club called The Knights of the Square Table. 


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