“It is Taboo in Igbo Culture to Bury Osinachi in Her Father’s House, She Can not Rest in Peace Until Right Thing is Done”– Atasie

“According to Igbo culture, custom and tradition. late Osinaachi’s dead body should be lowered to earth in her husband’s compound and not in her fathers land. It is a total DESECRATION of Igbo culture and tradition 🤢
Her dowry was paid and she is legally married to her husband.
No matter what happen nobody is allow to carry her body back to her father’s compound while the husband is alive.
This is a taboo and it is against Igbo culture.
It is definitely going to speak against the family in future.
We should have respect for custom and tradition.
It is never too late!
They can still dig her corpse out and bring her back to where she is legally married. They should do that fast without hesitate to avert the wrath of the gods.
Disobedience to the law of the land have done more harm than good.
The two family should forget about their differences and do the right thing so her soul can have rest.
Her family may suffer this in future”
Recall that the late gospel singer, Osinachukwu was recently buried amidst uncontrollable tears after months of her demise as her husband is currently still facing trial in the Nigeria court for being the alleged key actor of the circumstances surrounding her death.
After the burial, many questions were raised as to the reasons behind her pastor, Paul Enenche ‘s absenteeism on an occasion of this kind owing to the relationship with personality involved.
It is still unclear if the husband of the deceased was allowed, given an opportunity to see the corpse of his late wife before interment.

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