It’s World Creativity And Innovation Day Today!!

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Every single person on earth is a creative. No one is disadvantaged when it comes to creativity. We all have that ability but what differentiates the creatives that we see in our world from the non-creatives is ACTION. One puts the creative ability to use while the other doesn’t. Creativity is a time when life is born with new ideas, actions and results.

World Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated on the 21st of April, every year. It is a day set aside by the United Nations to honor creative and innovative abilities of people, industries, around the world, who unleash their creativity, new ideas in all aspects of human development and use it to make the world a better place.

It is a day set aside to raise global awareness on the importance of creativity and innovation in problem-solving with respect to advancing sustainable development goals.

World Creativity and Innovation Day was established to encourage everyone to dig deep and find their own inner creative center.

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In 2017, the 21st of April was officially recognized by the UN as being the World Creativity and Innovation Day.

It is celebrated by organisations, schools, entrepreneurs, local communities, industries like audiovisual products, design, new media, performing arts, publishing and visual arts who stimulate innovation and diversification.

The cultural and creative industries have been an indispensable sector of the economy that has greatly boosted the economy of nations around the world as well as creating job opportunities for many.

The significance of this day is that it reminds us all that new ways of doing things is an integral part of human existence if we ever want to achieve great and outstanding results. 

You don’t need to say “oh yeah, I’m not in the creative industry so this doesn’t really affect me”. 

Oh no! It does, from the doctors and health workers who implement creative ways of doing their job and helping their patients, to the lawyer who presents critical and logical patterns of thinking or ideologies to emerge a victor and secure the victory for their clients, the list goes on. 


Remember, people get paid more for solving problems and that can only come in the place of creativity and innovations. 

So yeah, if you want to earn more, you might as well begin to explore your creative side. 

These few tips might help;

Visit new cultures, share innovative ideas, meet and interact with people especially those whose thinking pattern and ways of doing things differ from yours, begin to see things differently, unleash the inquisitive side of you, generate ideas that solve problems.

Happy World Creativity And Innovation Day!!

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