#JusticeForHanifaAbubakar: Aisha Buhari Calls For Capital Punishment For Hanifa’s Murderer

Wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha Buhari has also called for the capital punishment for Abdulmalik Tanko, the alleged killer of Hanifa Abubakar, a five-year-old pupil, in Kano state.

Aisha made her stance known via a post on her Instagram handle on Sunday.

Hanifa was one of the pupils of Noble Kids Nursery and Primary School, a private school located in Kawana Dakata in Nasarawa local government area of Kano State in Tudunwada was kidnapped on December 4 and later killed after her abductors demanded N6 million ransom.

On Thursday, the police in Kano arrested her proprietor, Mr. Tanko Abdulmalik who allegedly abducted and killed her and also confessed to the murder while answering questions on his involvement in the crime.

The incident has since generated public outcry and many have called on the government to ensure that the deceased pupil and her family get justice.

According to a family source, Tanko Abdulmalik was among the first set of people who came to console the parents after abducting their daughter. The level of trust between the parents and the proprietors/teachers would make Tanko the very last on the list of those Hanifa’s parents suspected to have abducted their beautiful daughter, especially as the poor girl went missing under his custody.

While being paraded before newsmen at the Kano Police Command Headquarters on Friday, January 21, Tanko gave a detailed confession to the crime.

He said: “I picked her inside keke napep (local name for tricycle) and I carried her to my own house where I lied to my wife that the girl was the daughter of one of the women working in my school. And that the mother travelled and pleaded for us to keep the girl for some days. My wife accepted and kept the girl for that reason. I later realized that the girl’s parents were informed that when picking her up, she made mention of ‘uncleʼ. This gave me the impression that they might be suspecting me as the uncle. After some days, a few of the teachers visited my house very early in the morning and when they came, I feared that they were trying to find out if the girl was with me. That was on the fifth day after I kidnapped her. I decided that it was better I took certain measures to avoid being caught. I first thought of sending the girl to another state but again, I reasoned that the whole town was already aware of her disappearance. If the girl was going to be sent out through the main roads, I would be caught. That was when I conceived the idea of killing her. I picked her while she was asleep, around 11pm or thereabouts. I was drinking tea at that time, so I put some of it in an empty yoghurt bottle and added rat killer poison. When we went to the school, just as we were passing it, I told her that I was taking her back to her uncle’s house. On the way, I gave her the poisoned drink. She drank it immediately, just before we entered the school. As we entered, I told her I was going to pick something inside. She waited for me and that was where she finally died.”

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