Lady Calls Out Her Dad Online For Having An Affair With Her Best Friend

A 40-year-old father identified as Phil Carter, has reacted after his daughter, Tia Carter, took to Facebook and Twitter to call him out for having an affair with her 21-year-old best friend, Chloe despite still being married to her mother.

Tia disclosed that she never suspected anything as Chloe had been bonding with her younger sisters and even takes them bowling alongside her father.

She wrote;

“Imagine finding out your 40 year old dad is seeing your 21 year best friend. Yh love you both too. Philip Carter and Chloe Smith…Hope you’re both miserable with each other”.

She tagged Chloe to the tweet, calling her a slag.

Taking to the comment section, Tia’s father dared anyone who had anything to say to him about the issue to do it to his face.

He wrote;

“It is what it is, If anyone has something to say in the comments say it to my face. My life has nothing to do with people on Facebook so I suggest you think before you comment. Take that as your only warning”,

Chloe later told Tia to stop chasing clout and deal with things in private.

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