Laura Ikeji Pleads With Employers to Increase the Salary of Their Domestic Staff, Netizens Comes For Her

Popular fashion influencer and vlogger, Laura Ikeji has taken to Instagram to talk about how hard the economy has become and employers should increase the salary of their domestic staff as the price hike in the market is becoming quite unbearable.

According to her the economy is bad and things are super expensive in the country, so putting extra money on their pay would go a long way, pleading that people should try to help their staff in any way possible. “Things are bad in naija right now.”
Although, while some people agreed with her, others tagged her a clout chaser stating that things might not be going well for the employers too as the bad economy is affecting every single person in the country.
Others opined that she was only seeking attention to act as an angel online but may be treating her staff badly offline.
Others however agreed with her and called on people to heed to her words.


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