Leave That Man Must Do It For Me Mentality And Normalize Buying Luxury Stuff For Yourself This Year” – Nancy Isime Tells Ladies


Nigerian TV personality and actress, Nancy Isime took to Instagram to advise ladies to hustle and buy luxury items for themselves instead of depending on men for everything.

To achieve the goal, Isime insists they must double their ‘legit hustle’ and work hard in other to spoil themselves this year.

In a post via her Instagram Story, she wrote:

“Ladies, This year we are normalizing buying luxury sh*t for ourselves all year round!

Leave that “Man must do it for me mentality in 2020”

This year, we see it, we like it, we want it, we buy it. Double your legit hustle boo, grind hard, eyes on the goal!

You wanna be spoiled? Do it yourself.”

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