Linda Ikeji Wants Your Opinion on This. Yay or Nay?

It’s no longer news that celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji loves to live life to the fullest as well as acquiring expensive luxury items for herself in what people popularly call “chop life”.

She recently took to her Instagram page with the photo of a beautiful and expensive car, a Rolls Royce which is presumably one of the latest models but has wondered if it was too much for a single lady and might chase men away from her. Asking fans for their opinion, she further wondered if she should sell her Bentley and upgrade to the Rolls Royce or just forget about it.

She wrote: “My goodness! What a beauty! Should I start saving for this or it’s just too much for a woman? A single one for that matter. All the men in Lagos will japa finally! You only live once, abi? Sell my Bentley and upgrade to this or nah?”


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