Nigerians should let God’s will prevail in the upcoming Election – Bishop Peter Ogunmuyiwa

With just 25 days to go before the general election, religious leaders on Wednesday urged Nigerians to see the elections as a time of peace, not war.

Counselors at the Interfaith Peace Summit on “Pursuing Peaceful Elections:
The Role of Religious Communities”, organized by the NTA Abrahamic Mission in collaboration with Al-Habibiyyah, in Abuja.

At the event, Bishop Peter Ogunmuyiwa of the Church of Africa (Diocese of Abuja and 19 Northern states), said each candidate is a creation of God.

According to him, Nigerians should let God’s will prevail, putting aside religious and ethnic bigotry.


“Each candidate is a creature of God and we must treat each other as brothers, regardless of their ethnic or religious orientation,” he said. There are good leaders in every part of this country and in every religion. Therefore, we must abandon nepotism in our attitudes towards other tribes.

“Let us preach love and peace to our people, before, during and after the election. Nigeria is bigger than all of us and we must work to preserve it. Above all, God’s will will prevail, a signal that God cares about Nigeria no matter how the election turns out. “Anyone can be our president, any religious person can be our president. What matters is what they have to offer Nigerians. A candidate’s religion is not the basis for our selection but his background and commitment to the development of our country.




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