Nollywood Actor Ugezu Jideofor, Wonders Why Most People Are Scared of His Face

Popular Nollywood actor, Ugezu Jideofor has openly wondered why most people, especially those he has had encounters with are scared of his face, citing it as mean or scary.

Taking to his social media platform to solicit for the opinion of his fans, he wrote;

 “Just wondering why many people are said to be scared of my face. No be this face????? Nothing serious…. all na montage”.

In response an Instagram follower who seem to know the actor well wrote,

“It’s more of the corner eye you give 🙄🙈 But I got to understand that is how you learn and understand people (without engaging them in a conversation)before letting them close to you and sometimes you are just busy plotting a scene 🤣🤣mIs serious jor , let someone not even irritate you 🤣🤣 it will become multiple montage in seconds 🙈🙈 Ayaka global 💪🏾 But know it guys he is selfless once u can pass that face . Na just the face”.


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