Nollywood Star Chacha Eke Faani Says She’s Better Now and Happy to be Back

Chacha Eke Faani has revealed that she “she has seen the light and every darkness has disappeared”

Months after she said she’s been diagnosed with bipolar and cleared her husband of the claims she made that he abused her, the Nollywood star while intimating her fans and well wishers on the state of her health and mental being, said her body has been restored and shes’s happy to be back.

Recall that in October 2020, the actress released a troubling video where she said her marriage is over but she’s leaving with her “life” which raised concern among many as to whether there has been a case of domestic violence in her marriage.
Days later she emerged to put the blame on herself, saying she’s been diagnosed with bipolar which erupts whenever she’s pregnant and is receiving proper medical treatment.

She has now released a statement on Instagram to let everyone know that she’s better. She wrote:
“I have received many phone calls, read lots of DMs’, text messages and emails from many concerned folks these past months. 98% of them inquiring, “ChaCha, are you okay? ChaCha, I hope you’re fine now?”….•Beloved, like the butterfly I have been metamorphosing. Healing my mind before my body can make it out here. Join me thank my “Chi” who has gloriously renewed my spirit and restored my body. I have seen the light; every darkness in my path have disappeared. I am happy to be back. I am Okay. I am doing so Great.Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually•Thank you for loving ChaCha Eke Faani”


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