“One of Biggie’s Chaperone is Whitemoney’s Informant in the House” a Social Media User Alleges

A social media user has claimed that the ongoing ShineYaEye edition of Big Brother Naija show is partial and has been tailored to favour only one housemate, Whitemoney and he may probably emerge the winner of the season.

According to the Instagram user, WhiteMoney is a pawn and has been rigged to win which is why he found out that Maria and Pere are the wildcards, adding that he has a chaperone inside the BBNaija’s House who works for Biggie and also relays information to WhiteMoney.

He wrote;

“Whitemoney’s chaperone’s name 7s Ify and he told Whitemoney about the wildcard. He also told Maria and Pere separately so they can instigate the whole eviction of Whitemoney so Whitemoney’s name will be echoed in the outside world, It walked, whitemoney’s chaperone works for big brother.

The show was rigged from the start for Whitemoney that was why voting was removed so viewers will not have voice. This year’s big brother is a game of chess. The chaperone works for big brother but if any blow back comes out of this,, the chaperone will take the fall. Hey this comment is for smart people and not dummies.

I also love Whitemoney but he was brought in to win the show, Maria also admitted that Whitemoney knew from outside that she was a wildcard. Its on every big brother page. She had that discussion in the kitchen with Whitemoney. The rest housemates has sold their birthright for food, Whitemoney will be BBN downfall. Mark my words but I also love Whitemoney. He is just a pawn”

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