Photo of Hiny Umoren’s CGPA Surfaces Online

A picture of the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of murdered job seeker Ini-ubong Umoren, has surfaced online and she made second class, upper division.

While sharing the picture to a Facebook page, a Facebook user posted the photo and wrote;

“May this beautiful result of yours hunt and haunt them till their 7th generations…

May the children of those who conspire to take your life never participate in NYSC or pass through universities

Iniubong, your result has proven that you were very studious, very hardworking, very sound…

Your audacity to search for a job to help yourself pending your NYSC mobilization shows that you were not given to easy virtue like some young women of this age to have your way…

This is INIUBONG UMOREN’S final result… Next week her colleagues will be mobilized for NYSC, while she is lying dead”

cc Thomas Thomas

Before her untimely death, Iniubong Umoren was a young job seeker and University of Uyo Philosophy graduate.

She had earlier shared on social media that she needed a job in order to fend for herself and called on users to help her secure one, was declared missing after setting out to meet one Uduak Akpan for a job interview.

The police have, however, confirmed that she was raped, killed, and buried in a shallow grave by Mr. Akpan after luring her with the guise of granting her a job interview. He has also been identified as a serial rapist.

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