Stagflation: National Strike in View as Fuel Price Hikes

Nigerians have been thrown into a state of worry over the federal government’s plan to increase the price of petrol.

Added to this, the NLC has threatened to commence a national strike if the government goes ahead with its plan, the union said Nigerians at this time cannot bear more increment of the price of the product.

The leadership of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) has reacted to the federal government’s plan to increase the price of petrol to N234 per litre.

In an interview, the NLC’s president Ayuba Wabba, said Nigerians, who are still dealing with the harsh realities of COVID-19, cannot take more hardship from the federal government. Wabba said the matter is even worse because the proposal is coming at a time when there is widespread unemployment and a high rate of inflation.

He insisted that one of the primary responsibilities of the government is to ensure that Nigerians do not suffer the repercussions of obnoxious policies.

The NLC boss made it known that the organization will have to embark on a nationwide strike if the plan of increasing the price of petrol is actualized.

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