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#JusticeForBamise: BRT Driver Gives His Own Account of What Transpired

Mr Andrew Nice, the driver of the BRT bus the late Miss Bamise Ayanwole boarded has claimed that he was threatened with weapons by the male passengers on board his vehicle and made him aid them in her murder. The corpse of Bamise who was reportedly declared missing was discovered on Monday, March 7 and has since been deposited at...


Body of Bamise Reportedly Found With Some Parts Missing

22 year-old Bamise Ayanwole who went missing on Saturday March 5, 2022 after boarding a government owned transport in Lagos popularly known as BRT, at Chevron enroute Oshodi has now been declared dead. According to her friend, Bamise became vigilant & communicated d details of d BRT when the surrounding tensed environment aroused her suspicion. Netizens have also been circulating...