UPDATE: Manchester United Fans Asked to Exchange Their Mason Greenwood Jersey For Free

In a recent update, Manchester United have asked their fans who purchased Mason Greenwood’s authentic jersey and wish to exchange it for another player can freely do so now at no extra cost to them.

This was made known by a spokesperson of the club according to a report by the Daily Mail.

Greenwood has been under investigation after allegations of sexual assault and violence was levelled against him by a woman on Sunday, January 30.

The club responded to the development by stating that he will not be part of football activities and merchandise related to the 20 year-old striker have also been removed from the website.

TeamViewer which is Manchester United’s shirt sponsors said they are ‘closely monitoring developments’ while Nike has suspended the sponsorship deal with Greenwood. Also, Cadbury an official partner of the team will not feature him in marketing products.

Supporters of the club who were furious with the ongoing investigation have now been encouraged to visit the Manchester United mega store and get a replica shirt with the name of another player of their choice.

Some teammates have already unfollowed the 20-year-old forward on Instagram even though he has been granted bail.

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