US Rapper Shot Multiple Times and Killed Immediately After His Release From Jail

A 31-year-old rapper from Chicago,US, Londre Sylvester, also known as  KTS Dre has been killed after being shot multiple times in what is said to have been a planned attack just after his release from Cook County jail.

The rapper who was struck in the face and chest was reported to be in company of a 60-year old woman when a car pulled up and two men started shooting sporadically.

He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. The woman he was with was shot in the knee but confirmed to be in good condition after medical attention. 

Another 35-year-old woman standing nearby was grazed by a bullet in her face and taken to hospital, where she was confirmed to be in great condition.

The rapper’s KTS initials reportedly means Kill To Survive, a phrase he also tattooed on his neck and added a target symbol. 

Dre was reportedly identified as a certain gang member, and no arrests were yet to be made. The 31-year-old was jailed in April for a bail violation in connection with a felony gun case. He was to return to court on July 27, 2021. Since December, the late rapper was also said to have been under house arrest with a GPS Monitoring device attached to him.

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