Video Vixen Bolanle in Zlatan’s ‘Pepper Dem” Song, Sent Packing From Husband’s House

Popular Nigerian video vixen known as Bolanle, who graced the screen in Zlatan Ibile’s hit song “Pepper Dem ” seems to be in marital crisis and is being sent packing from her matrimonial home by her husband of six months.

Her spouse, whose name is Abiodun Lincon, took to Instagram to disclose things about the video vixen and even went as far as recording the moment he sent her packing from his house. He alleged that she was violent and destructive, that she also had a child for him for clout.

He  shared videos of the alleged damage she did to their home and to his personal belongings. He went on to call her and her family out, stating that her mother’s violent nature made her father run away from her.

“You a baby mama did that shit for clout.”  

In another slide, he wrote: “Marriage is not for you Bolanle come and be going to your mother house.” 

 “A nigga put you under his roof you don’t appreciate. If it’s easy, why your father run and left your momma? “You bitches don’t think before you misbehave. You will learn from Lincon.”

 “Y’all bitch’s on my comment section like you have a roof to sleep over tonight, pls don’t dm me if you a single bastard.”

He also shared a video where he was threatening to injure Bolanle as she appeared to be preventing him from driving out of a compound. He went on to share a video of the destruction done to their house during their quarrel and blamed it on Bolanle.  Their wedding photos lay broken on the floor.

Abiodun also claimed Bolanle destroyed his t-shirt. “Bolanle you will regret your life in this life,” he wrote, adding, “Bolanle leave my life alone.” 

Bolanle became popular because of her relationship with singer Zlatan. She was once in the news when she went on vacation to the UAE with Zlatan.


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