Young Nigerian Artist Shares Hilarious Portrait Drawing of Nyesom Wike

A young Nigerian artist has sparked several reactions on social media after photos of him holding a hilarious painting of the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, surfaced online.

A Facebook user identified as Bura-Bari Nwilo posted a photo of the artist and the painting on his page and joked that the governor will soon ban freelance artists in Port Harcourt

Nwilo’s post read: 

“Wike go soon ban freelance artists for Port Harcourt. What is this, biko nu?” Who is this artist?”

This attracted lots of funny comments from users as many who couldn’t hide their amusement noted that the portrait looked totally different from the governor’s real face.

Lilie Nwamma said: “This is a Wike with a tough of Gburugburu and a sprinkle of Buhari.” Uche Wakwe commented: “If John wick see this one, em go declare this guy wanted.” 

Nana Dozie wrote: “This art work is worth more than 30 million dollars, Wike cannot pay.” Phenol Daniel said: “Instead of the Artist to draw Wike’s real picture, he ended up drawing his voice.”

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