Youths Attack Dreaded Ibadan Masquerade

A group of youths attacked the dreaded masquerade in Ibadan, Oloolu, while performing its annual rituals in the metropolis, at least five persons are said to have lost their lives with several others injured.
Oba Wahab Ajijola Anabi, The National President of Soludero Hunters Association said he had knowledge of the incident as he was an eye witness.
His statement is as follows:
“I was part of the entourage of Oloolu when the ritual was being performed by the masquerade. It is an annual sacrifice the masquerade performs round the city to ensure peace reigns in Oyo state”. “The masquerade started the rituals in the morning and he was about concluding it in the evening at Oje when some youths, without any provocation, swooped on the masquerade and people that followed him”.
“They were many. From the way I saw them, they were about 80. They killed no fewer than five people. Among the attackers was a popular hoodlum called “Star boy”. He is very deadly. The youths were brandishing cutlasses, guns and other dangerous weapons.” “As at this morning (Friday), four boys were injured when they were attacked by the hoodlums. They are being moved from one place to another for treatment.”
He also said: “Governor Seyi Makinde should try to empower these local security agencies. Now, the hunters, Agbekoya, Vigilante and Landlord Association will ensure that all the hoodlums are arrested and handed over to the police for prosecution”.

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